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How to Take Care of your Bracelet

So you purchased a Bracelet from Congratulation, you have great taste. Now you need to know how to take care of your new Bracelet. Follow our suggestions below so your Bracelet always looks as great as you do. 


Avoid using chemicals while wearing your Bracelet/s.

Avoid collision or dropping hard your Bracelet it might get chipped.

Avoid wearing when sweating, during physical activity or otherwise.

Avoid touching the water while wearing.

Avoid wearing while sleeping.



Natural crystals such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine and Tourmaline are durable and strong, but still can break and get worn out by scrubbing or using soaps, so make sure you treat THEM GENTLY. You can clean them by wiping with a soft cloth dipped in warm water.


Lava stone is usually matte or porous. If smooth and shiny you can keep it that way by cleaning your Bracelet with a damp cloth. On the other hand, with the porous type, you should avoid touching it with liquid since it will retain the scent of it for several days. Some people see this as a benefit and they pour essential oil on their Bracelet, but if the Bracelet have metal we would not recommend it otherwise the essential oil will damage metal finish (especially plated metal). 

If you want your lava stone Bracelet to last longer, clean it occasionally, avoid exposure to pools, the oceans, any liquids, chemicals, and store it in a safe place where it can't get scratched. 


As it ages, leather usually gets that nice worn-in look. The only thing you have to be careful for is never treat it with chemicals and pour it in water or any sort of liquid. This also means you should not wear your leather Bracelet to the gym or beach and be careful when washing your hands.

To have a piece of mind you can apply leather protector spray that will protect liquids from leaving a stain. Leather cleaning cream works wonder for old worn and dirty leather. You can find them in shoe shops. Just make sure you don't use shoe polish instead.


Check if your stones are porous or non-porous. Non-porous stones such as topaz, garnet, cubic zirconia and aquamarine can be safely soaked in a mixture of warm water and mild detergent then rinsed under running water. 

Porous stones such as lapis lazuli, onyx, tiger's eye and jasper absorb any liquid they come in contact with, so never soak them in water and avoid any chemicals because they will cause discolouration and stains. Simply wipe them with a damp soft cloth when they need it and then dry them with a lint-free cloth.

Be careful while cleaning not to loosen the stones' settings. 


Stainless steel is easy to look after because it doesn't oxidise or corrode, and nothing will happen if it fell down. However, it can get scratched so make sure you keep it in safe separate containers or pouches. If your stainless steel Bracelet needs cleaning you can clean it under running tap water. To avoid stains you just wipe it off with a dry soft cloth. More thorough cleaning can be done with a soft toothbrush dipped in mild detergent and warm water. 


Sterling silver will inevitably tarnish over time since it oxidizes upon contact with air. To slow down the process you can keep it in airtight bag or container. A zip-lock bag will be great. The difference will make if you regularly wipe down your sterling silver Bracelet with a warm cloth. If your Bracelet is really dirty, you can also use a soft toothbrush dipped in a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap. Be careful not to scrub too hard, or you could wear off the platting. You can also purchase special silver polishing cloth online or from a jewellery store. Keep in mind that you can't get rid off scratches, you'll have to see jeweller for that. Keep in mind that plating on silver-plated Bracelet will wear off inevitably, so you will have to re-plated once os so a year to keep it looking at it best.


Plain Titanium Bracelets are probably the simplest to look after. The titanium Bracelet that is inlaid with other metals, artificially coloured or set with precious stones will require more work. Plain titanium Bracelet you can apply liquid dishwashing soap on a damp cloth and rinse it of under running water. You can polish your Bracelet with window cleaner that is chlorine and bleach free and then rinse it again and dry it off with a soft towel. If the Bracelet is decorated titanium (inlaid, coloured or stone-set) you can follow the same procedure but instead of scrubbing the metal you will leave it to soak and air-dry on its own. Repeat the process as many times as necessary, but be as gently as possible and remember: NO scrubbing. 


Resin bracelets are not so easy to take care of, depending if there are dry flowers or not. If there are dry flowers inside of the bracelet you should store it in sealed, separate storage for flowers to keep that gorgeous colour. You should avoid chemicals, bath, sweat, collision or scratch. It is very easy to clean them with soft cloth only and take off while sleeping, which would be difficult because they are so beautiful. 


Bracelets will not stretch or bent easily. It would be best to store them flat to avoid the risk and always keep them separate from each other (such as in pouches) so your precious stones and metals won't get scratched. 



This is probably all you have to know about keeping, storing and cleaning your Bracelet. If you want to keep it in a good condition you will have to follow these instructions. But, don't forget in between all that cleaning and storage to wear your new Bracelet 😘