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This is your stop for the Bracelet if:

You believe that the bracelet should make you smile every time you look at it. 

You want to look different. You want to be different.

You want to be a change you want to see in the world. 

You consider yourself changemaker.

You are fed up with the same expansive offers. You are looking for quality and craftsmanship. 

You are looking for bracelets that are unique as you are.

Look no further.

Hi, I'm Milena  

I'm born in Croatia and living in Ireland at the moment, but I know I will travel more.

I'm a person behind this project who got an idea to help similar, different Individuals to create Lifestyle they would love. 

I'm meditating for over 15 years and trying to be a change that I want to see in the world. I must admit I'm not always successful. 

How come bracelet and spirituality? And why not? The outfit is no more than a reflection of who we are. 

Beliefs create our reality more than we think. 

Beliefs are present in our Lifestyle as well.

If we live in fear of failure, we can't reflect confidence. If we believe in the positive outcome, we would witness the same. 

There are so many layers of us (fun, chatty, deep, wise etc.), that we can create our style differently according to our present feeling.

If we have negative feelings we can still look good and make us feel better. For me, if I wear something that was a present from someone I love, it would lift me up instantly.

Lifestyle should not be a copy of some celebrity. 

I always loved to see those individuals on the street who dare to be different. Individuals who would pair something that would suit only them.  

The world would be a nicer place if we would trust ourselves more and reflect who we really are through our Lifestyle. 

I started my search for Bracelet and know now that it can't be completed. The world of Bracelets is so vast and so immense that searching for Little.Small.Different.Bracelet is endless. 

I'm into finding Bracelets that satisfy my curiosity while being created with attitude to impress. 

I want to add new Bracelets weekly as I find those that are requested by you or that I find interesting. 

The world wide web is huge and it's so hard to trace and find what you are looking for without being scammed into buying something you would regret later on. 

It is hard to buy Bracelet without trying, so I have instructions on sizes and how to buy

A very important thing if you want to have your Bracelet long time is how to take care of it and store it.

I take pride in helping you have great experiences and becoming our VIP club members to get great offers and discounts.




  • Designed by professionals for professionals
  • Classic, retro, punk or casual with attitude to impress
  • Crafted with care for details
  • Shipped with love


 I would love to hear from you what you think about Ambaar.