Resin Bracelet - ambaar

Ambaar is very proud of this unusual collection. Resin Bracelet is the most unusual of all collections and it's made from a material called resin. The resin is the way of casting and can be made with a mix of other elements to make that glorious look. 

Resin use colours in the most profound way and that makes these bracelets so special and different. 

100% natural flowers within, vibrant colours with different shapes and there would be no bracelet the same since there are no flowers or mixtures that are the same colour and shape. Perfect for those that don't like to wear something that everybody else has. 

Resin Bracelets in this collection are made by excellent artisans, who can make every time a different gorgeous piece.  

This beautiful collection is made for those of you that like to show off with something unusual and beautiful and don't forget, natural and what is more natural then flowers.